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New Wilderness Designations in Montana?

The possibility of breaking the 28-year stretch of no new wilderness designations in Montana by designating the Sleeping Giant and Sheep Creek WSAs thrills John Gatchell, the conservation director for the Montana Wilderness Association.   “That area looks the same now as it did when Lewis and Clark passed through here 200 years ago,” Gatchell said. “Captain Clark walked across it hunting, while Lewis brought the boats up the Missouri River. It has a lot of historical value for us here in Lewis and Clark County — it’s our heritage.”   BLM Director Bob Abbey recently visited the area.  . . . more>> 


No More National Monuments?

The Antiquities Act is under assault by the GOP.  Utah’s own Rob Bishop doesn’t like national monuments.  What would Utah be without parks and monuments.  Who is this new GOP’s constituency?  . . .  more>> and here>>, and here>>