Deep-sky images from the dark nights of the Colorado Plateau.


8 thoughts on “Astrophotos

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  3. Carol Robinson

    Just getting around to reading the Tribune article on the most delightful evening we were privileged to spend at your home in October. Thank you so much for hosting this event and allowing us to view the night sky!! Our granddaughter was mesmerized as she saw Saturn and the rings! Made her curious for more!! Hope we can join again for some more views!! Thank you. Carol Robinson, Torrey

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  4. Reed Hansen

    THANKS, Mr. Bailey! (After reading the story “Astral Studio: Stargazing” by Dawn House in this morning’s S.L. Tribune, I saved your website to my computer and I intend to follow your blogs.) Just thanks so much for all your hard work! Is there a way we can contribute to your efforts? I have to take Required Minimum Distributions (RMD) by year end from my IRA accounts and would prefer to use the Qualified Charitable Contribution (QCD) mechanism to avoid being taxed on them.

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    1. Mark Bailey Post author

      Thank you, Reed! There is not a way to make a direct charitable contribution to the observatory. But there is an indirect way. My wife and I are the founders of Torrey House Press, a nonprofit literary press that primarily supports conservation through literature. I am writing a book about dark skies and the observatory the sales of which I hope to use some day toward more observatory work. You can check our donation page out at to see what you think. Let me know if you have questions or want to talk further. Thank you again for your enthusiastic interest!


  5. Christan bringhurst

    Hi! Is there a place on your blog, or elsewhere, to see when the observatory is open to the public? My man friend would love to see it.

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    1. Mark Bailey Post author

      Hi Christan. We don’t have public hours I am afraid. But I will try to get a schedule up on the blog with a place perhaps to RSVP for future events. Check back in now and then! Thanks for your interest. -Mark



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