A second century of stewardship and engagement

What a great title for legislation from a venerable name in U.S. conservation support. Yesterday Kirsten and I drove through the San Juan Mountains from Durango to Ouray, during the peak of fall colors, and we think it may be about the most beautiful landscape we have ever seen. So it is gratifying to see that there is right now a proposal to designate more than 60,000 acres in southwestern Colorado as either wilderness or a special management area back before Congress.   U.S. Sens. Mark Udall and Michael Bennet are reintroducing the San Juan Mountains Wilderness Act, which enjoys support from all three locally affected counties.   Maybe stewardship starts with mothers.  Mark Udall says, “Many people are familiar with my father Congressman Mo Udall and my uncle Interior Secretary Stewart Udall and their work to promote conservation across the country. … But in my passion for conservation I often generally think more about my mother and how she was the real conservationist in our family,” Udall said. “She was a Coloradan, she raised six kids, she was a member, I found out later in life, of the NRA. She was a sharpshooter, a marksman, an angler and an equestrian as she encouraged my five brothers and sisters and me to get outside, to get dirt under our fingernails, to look at and also tackle the steepest climbs, to strap on our skis on the coldest days and on the coldest mountains.”  . . . more>>

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