Torrey dark sky campaign

In Torrey, we are blessed with an industrious neighbor, Mary B., who is working on getting the Torrey Town public lights, including street lights, modified to improve lighting and reduce light pollution. Mary is also working to make Torrey the first International Dark-Sky Association community in Utah. She asked us for a letter of support and we penned the following:

Dear Mary:

As residents of Torrey, founders and directors of Torrey House Press, and custodians of the Torrey House-Alpenglow Observatory we are delighted to write a letter in support of Torrey Town becoming Utah’s first IDA dark sky community.

As residents, we revel in the natural light found here high on the Colorado Plateau. It is a constant show with dramatic clouds and slanting light, but nothing rivals a totally dark, moonless night. In the summer, the Milky Way is so bright its starlight casts a shadow. In the spring and fall, the ethereal Zodiacal light looks like a false sunrise or sunset. Experiencing either is an event of a lifetime. As voters in Wayne County, we are aware of the need for rural economic development and can readily see how Torrey will become ever more of a getaway tourist attraction if it protects, honors, and is recognized for its dark nights.

As directors of Torrey House Press, we often use our home in Torrey as a gathering place for our own and other nonprofit organizations to hold retreats, workshops, and seminars. The dark night skies, a dark like most urbanites have rarely if ever seen, are a key attraction.

As custodians of the newly arrived, research quality, fully automated Torrey House-Alpenglow Observatory, we know the dark skies are an obvious benefit. Research institutions and avid amateur astronomers have to work ever harder to find high, clear, light pollution free skies like we have in Torrey. By keeping the night sky protected, we believe our observatory will be able to make significant contributions to astronomy citizen science for years to come.

Mary, thank you for your work to protect this priceless resource of our dark night skies and for the opportunity to lend our support.

Wish Mary and us luck!

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