IC 4601 in Scorpius

I’m working on weaning myself as much as practical from social media. I have previously written how the largest corporations today, primarily all internet related, are dangerously sucking all the oxygen out of the economy. I don’t want to be a part of that travesty if I can help it.

I have been posting my astrophotos on Facebook where I get by far the most response. But I want to lay lower playing that game. I have ad blockers and add-ins that keep me from being tracked, but I want to spend less and less actual time there. I also use DuckDuckGo to search instead of Google, have dropped my Amazon Prime, and the only Apple product I use is an old iPad to stream Spotify. It’s a start.

As part of that start I want to post my astrophotos here instead of Facebook. I may not get as much attention. I hope to be grown up enough to be fine with that.

Here is one of my latest images. You can click on it to go to my astrophoto gallery on this same website to see a larger version and to find brief technical information about how it was acquired.

Backyard observatory deep space object photo

IC 4601 in Scorpius, June and July 2020

Screenshot_2020-07-31 IC 4601IC 4601 is in Scorpius near Antares, about 420 light years out. It is a reflection nebula where surrounding cosmic dust is lit up by the nearby young, bright blue stars. The nebula is in a busy part of the sky known as Rho Ophiuchi with bright stars, other nebulas, and plenty of gases and lit up dust. It is also low enough in the southern sky that it is not possible to get a clear image for very long. In the case of Torrey House – Alpenglow Observatory, it is close to setting behind Boulder Mountain near Torrey by one o’clock A.M in July. I need cloudless, moonless nights and the observatory to work. A rare convergence of events. I lucked out for another few such nights.

3 thoughts on “IC 4601 in Scorpius

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  2. Ggreybeard

    A beautiful region, well photographed. I wish I could have an observatory like yours!

    I too am trying to escape Facebook. After twelve years it bores me to tears – and as an image gallery it leaves a lot to be desired. People will hit the like button but not the image. I get much more personal satisfaction from posting my images in a blog and writing a few paragraphs about them. I get less views but a lot more satisfaction!

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