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New West microcosm series

I have started a blog series called “microcosm” over on my Agenda New West site. Agenda New West is about contrasting the Old West with the New, showcasing what the West was, how it got to where it is today, and what it is becoming. Most of all I want to envision what the West could be along the lines of Wallace Stegner’s notion of “a society to match the scenery.” Continue reading

Red Rock Testimony


Red Rock Testimony

Today in the New York Times, Timothy Egan posed the question, “Can Poets Save the Parks?” Nice concept! Terry Tempest Williams gets a plug for her new series on Parks callend “The Hour of Land” and Torrey House Press’s own Red Rock Testimony also gets mentioned and quoted from. Good job Kirsten Johanna Allen and Steve Trimble and all the contributors.

As luck would have it at this moment, Torrey House Press is laying low as the publisher AND we have a brand new website.  We did not mention Red Rock Testimony on the old site and the new site perhaps has yet to be crawled by the search engines. The new site does have a lovely banner piece talking about the Red Rock Testimonies project and mission.

Egan is right, there is nothing like a book to promote conservation. All the great conservation movements were preceded and inspired by literature. Will a Bears Ears National Monument be granted by President Obama? Will Torrey House Press play a part? Will poets again, indeed, save the land?

On the road this week

Kirsten and I are vacationing while working via a road trip from Torrey through Durango, Ouray, Paonia, Steamboat Springs and on to Denver for the Mountain and Plains booksellers trade show.  We plan to meet some authors along the way, to join Soren Jespersen of the Wilderness Society for dinner one night and to poke our heads in bookstores along the way.  Early fall in the Rockies by high mountain road is the vacation part. I’ll blog later on anything special that comes up.  In the meanwhile, with less access to the internet I’ll make on making fewer posts this week .  -Mark Bailey