Republicans are Going for Democracy’s Jugular

Trump wants to be the last American president. U.S Attorney General William Barr is paving the way. Republican legislators are all in. For Republicans it is all about power, democracy be damned.

Trump, however, is so unpopular the only way he can win is if Sanders is the Democratic candidate. Sanders is a spoiler, it’s all he has ever been. It is not the time to quibble but to put forward the Democratic candidate most likely to win. If we don’t win now we won’t have a democracy to fight over and improve. The issue is not a progressive agenda but democracy itself. And, thanks to Trump, the opposition to democracy will be fierce.

Image result for michael bloomberg with sierra club
Michael Bloomberg with Sierra Club’s Carl Pope

Bloomberg is by far the most organized, capable, uber-financed candidate who can and would win. He will fight fire with fire, gloves off all the way. He is our best hope. As bespeaks his character, if Bloomberg does not win the Democratic Party nomination, he will still use his vast wealth to fight Trump anyway. I like that he is a proven conservationist, but at this point that is only icing on the cake.

And imagine this: a Michael Bloomberg / Stacey Abrams ticket.

I will be searching for how best for we conservation peons to support Michael Bloomberg.

3 thoughts on “Republicans are Going for Democracy’s Jugular

  1. Jaren Watson

    Mark, I was with you on Bloomberg. Now in late March, with most of the democratic primary completed (not playing out as many of us hoped or thought it would), what are your thoughts on Biden?

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    1. Mark Bailey Post author

      Hi Jaren. I am an anybody but Trump guy. I think Biden can win and that is the main thing. I was surprised like many that Bloomberg was so bad on his feet in Nevada. Perhaps like some said, tycoons are not used to being disagreed with and couldn’t handle a situation where he’s not the boss. Once in the oval office he would be the boss, but he has to get there first. Kirsten Allen (my wife) has an idea of how Biden could be the best president ever. Guide America through 3 years of recovery and then resign making, say, Kamala Harris prez and incumbent candidate.



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