The GOP – Liars and Deniers

Utah is turning blue.

Most Republicans, particularly in Utah, have locked themselves inseparably to Trump. I can remember as far back as the 90’s that as a businessman I was disgusted by Trump. He made business people look bad by calling himself one. I have long been a fan of political scientist Fareed Zakaria and completely agreed with him that Trump’s sole qualification for president was that he was a bullshit artist. Now, after suffering as a patriot and American with that conman mobster as president, I believe Trump is the most despicable, immoral person, public or otherwise, that I know of. And Utah Republicans can’t get enough of him. It is costing them.

Contagious thief without a mask. He lies that the Supreme Court rushed appointment is not about politics.

In the Salt Lake Tribune today there is a long article about how many Republicans, particularly in Utah County, refuse to be tested for COVID-19 or to wear a mask. Mike Lee, who inexplicably has finagled his way to the eminent job of U.S. Senator, tested positive to COVID-19 just over a week ago and now is at the rushed hearing to pack the Supreme Court, in person, without a mask. Lee is from Utah County. I don’t know how or why not wearing a mask is allowed by the Republican Senate, particularly for an infected person, but I expect negative consequences for their gross neglect – for Republicans.

The spread of COVID-19 is out of control in Utah. We are the fifth worst state in the country for it. The state is very red and paying for it. Republicans are mindlessly following their dear leader and claiming some sort of distorted personal freedom to make others sick and even kill some. It is working.

They don’t wear masks, but at least they bring guns. Now their dangerous, proud ignorance is catching up to them.

Bright red Utah County’s 14 day case rate is 30% worse than bluer Salt Lake County’s. Salt Lake County would be doing a lot better if not for the small Republican towns on the border with Utah County. One of them is the town of Bluffdale, where Utah Republican Rep. Mark Strong refuses to get tested saying the government doesn’t need to know if he is infected. Strong even says that he will not stay home with COVID-19, or even tell others he is sick. Sacks of rocks are smarter. And more honest. And more moral.

Senator Mike Lee says democracy is rank. He is sick with COVID-19 and will not wear a mask. He has many followers. At this point in the election an astonishing 50% of Utahns poll that they will vote for Trump. But a record 40% say they won’t. The presidential race hasn’t been this close in a generation or more in blood red Utah. If Trumpian sycophants from Utah County like Mike Lee won’t wear a mask or, like Strong, won’t get tested or tell others they are sick, won’t they be the ones who get sick, even die, infect their own tribe, and turn Utah bluer as a result?


With luck and justice by the time Lee is up for election again he will find out just how rank democracy is. Honesty and justice will prevail and democracy will rule.

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