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We have it to realize need for conservation and to contribute to creation.

Moral Irony

As a moral statement I have chosen to quit using big social media and big tech. The irony is that my tiny boycott against the bigs costs only me.

I have closed all my social media accounts in part because:

  • they spread disinformation and lies for immense profit,
  • they are purposefully addictive (the above works),
  • they are economically way too big and suppress vital competition,
  • they are politically biased (the right embraces lying and conspiracy much more than the left), and
  • they cause great anxiety.

It is ironic that without social media I have no platform to voice my stance. I have less than a handful of followers on this otherwise nifty blog and website. If I want more followers I am advised that I have to use social media to get them.

What you do is important to the cosmos.
What you do and think affects the Cosmos.

It also costs me money to be virtuous. Particularly regarding big tech. Books for instance, of which I buy many, cost more and take longer to get here when I don’t use Amazon. It takes longer and costs more to go to the hardware store for almost anything. Camera supplies and equipment costs more and do not just show up on my step. Supporting and subscribing to print media is expensive.

But if you ask me if it is worth several hundred dollars a year or so along with more time to shop locally my quick reaction is sure. That does not sound like all too much. As a guy who retired too young, and then personally financed Torrey House Press for too long (another moral cause), I don’t have money to spare but I will vote with what I have and spend it locally anyway.

I have to look myself in the mirror even if no one else can see me. Yet, like the falling tree in the forest, am I being moral if no one hears me? If I am merely holding my ground with a small voice in a big void, is that not enough?